1:23 Birdsong

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It really has been a while. I’ve been too busy keeping garden to get around to writing posts for my blog. I’ve taken a lot of pictures with the hope that I would get some writing in, but it hasn’t happened for one reason or another. As I write, there are 1757 pictures on my phone! Nearly all of them are plant related. Some might say that’s a good start but, for me it’s a visual reminder of all those ideas that are still stuck in my head.

Wedding Bells


My oldest son will be getting married in 10 days. The date was picked to coincide with the lilacs blooming. They are the favorite flower of the bride. The lilacs started blooming about two weeks ago and we’re all pretty sure they will be done by the day of the wedding. I’ve been cutting lilac bouquets so that they can be enjoyed but, time is marching on! It’s looking like the flower that will be in abundance just in time for the wedding are irises, my son’s favorite flower.

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7 thoughts on “1:23 Birdsong

  1. A touching post. Eager for the wedding. Remembering when he was tiny eating wild strawberries from my patio. ^_^. XXAE

  2. Ha, I got my iris when I was a kid too, along with my rhubarb. The iris was Iris pallida from the garden of my great grandmother. It is still my favorite, and is still abundant.

    1. Plants can hold so much meaning and memories, especially flowers. That’s really sweet that you have that connection to your great grandmother. I’m sure your interest brought her a lot of happiness too!

  3. Hey,
    Nice that you have got some recognition for two of your crafts, gardening and writing. I especially liked how you addressed communicating with plants and knowing what they need. I guess it takes time to tune in like that? Or, at least a moment. Have been reading “The Hidden Life Of Trees” out of guilt for feeling the need to remove a lot of the high maintenance vegetation that has made themselves very comfortable….some not so good because of the shade of others.

    The wedding must have been lovely. Cheers! Hope we see you soon!

    1. Thanks! Who knew that talking about yourself could be so fun!
      I’m sure you’ll make a good decision on your garden-turn-jungle. A book can help and this sounds like a good one. What’s hidden is always more interesting!
      The wedding was great. There were so many sweet moments that I relive over and over again in my head and heart.

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