So, I got bored with my hedge….

Time to Prune!

I planted a Sitka laurel hedge about ten years ago. For something a little different, I’ve decided to add a swooping curve to the top.

The laurel and pine in early winter.
Ready for their annual shearing.
Revealing the hedge within.
I like to keep it narrow and tapered to a point on top.
Still needing to adjust the swoop on top but, wanted to add this picture with my 8 foot ladder to show the size of the hedge.
Finished up just as some stormy weather set in.
I love how dramatic it looks when you’re standing next to it.

I would definitely encourage anyone who is feeling dull inside as you head outside with shears-in-hand to go ahead and play with the form of your plants. I had a great time and I like to think the plants did as well.

Something else that I’ve decided to do differently with this bed is that I’m letting the pine  go without a haircut for the year. This is a choice that I’ve felt less sure of. It’s older than the laurels  by about 10 years and has always been cut heavily, usually early in the spring. I’ve always looked at it as a bush but, suddenly had a sense that it needed to become more tree-like.

So, now the laurel has been lowered and the pine is going up.  Fingers crossed!

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