Note to self…

Grow more chamomile! 

I was  very happy to see that some chamomile had reseeded itself this year. I can’t remember the last time I planted it. It had to be years ago when my kids were little. I was really into trying to start everything from seed. I bought many packets of seed to start my garden; veggies, herbs, flowers,  and even blueberry, which turned out to be very difficult!

That was when I started growing German Chamomile. I loved it. The kids loved it.

My oldest son loved to make tea from what we found in the yard and around the neighborhood. We mixed the chamomile with everything: mint, rose hips, orange peel, warm milk and honey. It was good!

I always watched for where it might pop up again in the garden but, I hadn’t seen it in years. Then this year it was back. One plant, very pretty.


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