For This Moment

   There is so much that is remarkable about Anne’s garden.

It has been professionally photographed many times over the years as well as enjoyed by her many visitors and passers-by.  This is her creation.  She has planted and shaped everything you see. For the last few years it has been my pleasure to help her with some of its upkeep. My favorite? The trees! Everything gets cut. Some more drastically than others but, everywhere you look you can see her hand.

Now is not the time to prune trees though. Now is the time for fall color!

Eventually this leads to a lot of raking but, try not to think about that right now. Look around and let your eyes be dazzled, just for this moment.

“Would you like to take a picture of a maple?”

Anne had caught me on my way to the store.

“It looks amazing RIGHT NOW!”

I knew which one she was talking about. I had been watching it change from my front window. It shows like someone had set it alight with a flame; a beautiful slow burn.

I grabbed my phone and came back over. While she was putting away groceries, I lied down on her patio and started clicking away. It’s fun to do this and with a camera in hand, no one asks any questions.  I was in a hurry so I headed out.

When I got back I tried taking a picture that would emphasize what I had been seeing from my window.  Unfortunately, everything ends up looking far away on my camera and I haven’t figured out how to zoom in on an image. No matter how close I stood it still appeared small and far away.

Then it came to me. In the past when I’ve helped to prune these trees, at a certain point I’d have to get up on the roof.

So, Anne, I don’t think you were home but, if you were, that wasn’t a giant squirrel up on your roof. It was just me enjoying the trees!

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