The 12 days of Solstice. Day 1.

Most years I try to make my own Christmas cards.

One year when my kids were little and really into the I Spy games I came up with the idea to make cards based on the game. It was fun. I took all of the scrap paper that I had left over from making my own origami paper from when I thought I might start a business called “Trash Origami”. It never really took off. I randomly glued the scraps to a poster board. I then cut the board into card-sized rectangles. I then wrote I Spy riddles to go with it. If you’re in my family you might recognize the one you got in the mail that year!

This December has been quite a doozy for my family.

I’ve been feeling down that I haven’t had time to blog. As something to pick-me-up I decided to share some of the cards that I made all those years ago and count down the 12 days to the Solstice.

I hope you enjoy it!


A man between a horse and the sky.

Looking at the town like you can fly.

A bird makes flight while

The wash is hung out at night.

The subway is down

The stars and moon are up.

Someone about to say, “Giddy-up!”

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