The 12 days of Solstice. Day 4.

This blog marks a special occasion. This is my 21st posting! I guess this means my blog is old enough now for me to drink and write! So, in the spirit of the occasion I’m posting two riddles. There will be one for the full moon and one for a full glass!


Somebody’s mother

an ancient place.

The stars are streaking

to a plaid space.


can have blinds or not.

Look at the Moon.

Is it yellow with dots?

This next riddle I wasn’t originally going to post because it wasn’t one of my favorites. It is, however, the only one with a reference to wine!  So, fill a glass and enjoy!

Day 4, part 2. 21st blog entry.ISpy4wine.jpeg

7 bottles of wine

a bow in her hair.

Two stacks of reeds

that aren’t goin’ nowhere.

The stars can be calm

or exploding with stuff.

A lizard and its skin

looking very tough.

People waiting for food

People waiting for work.

You follow red lines

back to the earth.

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