Snow Days

Snow is almost starting to seem commonplace here in Port Townsend. Which basically means it fell, it stuck and it stayed for more then a day. Yay!

It started falling early Monday morning. My cat, Kitty Meow, woke me up at three in the morning for what I’m assuming was a bathroom emergency. She’s getting old so we don’t question her random demands or odd hours. I got up and sure enough she headed to the back door and waited for me to catch up. Yes, I’m slower than an old cat. I opened the door for her and we were greeted by a white fluffy world. Kitty Meow got as far as the middle of the porch, but then decided she wasn’t impressed and turned around to come back in. I, on the other hand,  was excited and had difficulty getting back to sleep. Thanks, Kitty Meow!

Snow is a welcome sight for gardeners and farmers alike. Not only is it beautiful but, it adds fertility to your soil.

In northern climates, where the growing season is short, this snowfall plays a huge part in the rapid growth of plants.

I first came across this idea as a kid reading the Little House on the Prairie book, Farmer Boy. There is a part of the story where it snows and they all run out into the field to turn the snow into the ground. It was a big deal to capture this “free” fertilizer. I love those books!

111Snowflakes form high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. It starts when a particle of dust or pollen comes into contact with water vapor. As the water freezes and forms crystals, it traps nitrogen, nitrate and ammonium. Snowflakes (ice crystals) are consider to be minerals because of this chemical composition and ordered internal structure. Snow then delivers these chemical elements directly to the soil just by falling to earth.

Hmm. What to do on a snow day?

I cancelled work and fell into my day. I decided it was a good day to work on some new business cards. I ran out of cards a couple of years ago and after that, I would make each one by hand to take with me when I went to look at a new job. I had planned to make new cards when I was putting up my website last summer, but then I started blogging and forgot about it.

When I was building my website there were so many design aspects to consider.


At the time I felt like I had a pretty good idea of what I was going for, but now, not even a year later, I’ve found myself feeling not as satisfied with some of my choices. So, back to the drawing board. Back to my website.

First of all, I wasn’t feeling as connected to my logo. It was suppose to be an Italian Plum tree in place of the letter “i”. I now realize that it was more than a little vague. My thinking was,

“I’m Italian and  it’s a tree. Perfect.”

I wanted to go back to one of my original  logo ideas. It was a sketch of my long-handled tools, the tools I use in keeping a garden. I had moved on from the idea before I had gotten it to work, but, now I was ready to tackle it again. Here are some of my original doodles from last year. Click on any picture to  enlarge the image and read the captions.

Here are some of my snow-day sketches for the new tool logo.

It only looks repetitive because it is!logo doodles 2

I got it down to a dimensional mock-up and then had some fun “building” the tools with paper.

If you look at my website I’ve made a few other changes as well. I’m having fun with different header images and I’ve added the tag line, ‘from plot to pen”.  I’m a little frustrated because the words show up in different spots depending on if you’re seeing it on a mobile phone, pad or computer monitor. Oh well, I suppose I’m the only one who cares about that. thee business cardMy website, business cards and truck magnet all have my logo and colors. I’m really happy about it because now everything looks the same and feels connected.

I just emailed the pdf file for my cards and magnets to be printed. All that is left to do is wait; waiting with the  last remaining snow.

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  1. Love your artistic ideas….AND new card, Bridget! I also loved your First card “Garden Maintenance” in green and is on my refrigerator.

    You are so CREATIVE! Keep those blogs and ideas going!!!!

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  2. I like your new card! It’s so interesting to learn about all of the stuff that goes into Gardenkeeping including scientific knowledge, artistic design, technological skills, and business acumen. You are a real inspiration!


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