Hortum Sol Obscurabitur

What is gardenkeeping and where have they been keeping themselves?

It is summer and it is very hot out there.

If you look under a tree or behind a bush you may have spied a glimpse of the gardenkeeper but, perhaps not. You can’t be sure. There are other dirt dwellers out there…and cats.012

Yes, probably just cats. There are a lot of them about.

The gardenkeeper is sliding between a bush and a hedge with shears in hand. Up a ladder and down again, never to be seen until the sun has set and then she is gone again.

That’s the beauty of the lush summer garden: so full that at times you can remain hidden while you toil away the day. Always obscured by the work that you do. If it’s done right it appears as though nothing has happened at all. Ever.

Here at gardenkeeping we know what it means to be hidden. We’re not on social media (except WordPress?) and we rarely tell anyone what we do, mostly because no one asks. This has become a bit of a comfort zone.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it matter?

To the gnome who just lost his home, “yes!”. 

To be a gardener is to quickly be erased by time. This is a place that exists as long as someone cares….and is physically capable. So, here is my garden, here is me caring, here is me capable of working it out.

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7 thoughts on “Hortum Sol Obscurabitur

    1. “Garden Obscured by the Sun”. It was a salute to the Solstice and those who work those long, hot summer days. Unfortunately the latin translation is tricky and what I ended up saying was “The Sun Darkened Garden”. I don’t know which I like more!


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