Look Away

The solar eclipse has swung into reverse.

As I write, the sun’s light is beginning to fuse back together within the shadows. Here in Port Townsend, we were able to view 90% of the eclipse, but I didn’t see it at all. Without the glasses I couldn’t look up; I just had to be in it. The air became cool and the kids worried about the cats, What if they look up?  They’d been looking at the NASA website. Kittymeow was in a panic to get outside so I let her out and the other cats followed. Outside, my neighbor and her friend were out in the road with colanders looking at the crescents holes that were being cast upon the ground. They wanted to show me more of the shadows in the garden and studio. So, we walked through the garden, with the cats as our companions, finding more crescent shadows. The days had started out sunny and warm but, now it was getting dark and chilly. The shadows lost definition and blurred around the edges. The effect was like your eyes couldn’t properly focus. We had to keep reminding ourselves to not look up. So instead we looked to the shadows.

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7 thoughts on “Look Away

  1. Nice shadow photos! Especially like the one of the pot and those on the garage. I didn’t have glasses either… The colander worked ok for me. Wish I’d gone roaming in the garden.


    1. Thanks! Anne’s garden makes every picture look amazing…I wasn’t having much success at trying to take pictures of the sun when she asked me to come and look at the shadows.


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