A Scenic Drive-By

We spent a really great weekend in Roslyn, WA celebrating my sister’s birthday. It was my first time there, but a favorite place of hers since she and her husband started dating 28 years ago. Thanks, Colleen, for inviting all of us to that special town tucked into the east side of the Cascades!

When it was time to head back to PT, going back on I90, a road that we had driven on too many times, just seemed like drudgery. David and I decided to go a little out of our way and take SR 97 to US Highway 2, the scenic North Cascades Highway.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to linger; our cats needed tending to! Speeding along, I was able to capture some video with my camera. A truly lovely drive!

Green in the spring!

When you can finally see the mountains for the trees!

Where trains go to rest.

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11 thoughts on “A Scenic Drive-By

    1. I had to edit the audio to almost zero because the wind in the window was so loud!
      And we had so much fun in Roslyn! Vacationing with sisters is the best!!


  1. Those videos are great! They really make it feel like we’re right there with you guys. Thanks again for making this weekend such a fun celebration. 🙂

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  2. You know, I have never been east of Seattle. The whole east side of the Cascades and the rest of Washington is such a mystery. It amazes me that there are so many people in the region of Seattle, but no one talks about the rest of the state, like Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert. I sort of dislike Seattle because it is so infested with Californians who hate California, so migrated there to reconstruct . . . California. I hate to see the same happen there that happened here.


    1. So true, I grew up in Eastern Washington and it has such a different feel. I miss it. It’s so nice once you get to the east side of the moutains, the land, the people and the climate changes. Ponderosa Pines reign supreme!

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      1. That is what I saw in Oregon. There is something really familiar about Ponderosa pines. They grow here too, quite a distance from their nearest kin in the Sierra Nevada. One of the sites I work at is the Ponderosa Lodge.


        1. Nothing beats a coastal redwood forest, but the ponderosa pines are so rad because they are so ‘American West’! The live there, and in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and all over the west!. The biggest I know of are here, but the prettiest I have ever seen are in Oregon and Arizona.

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  3. These videos are great Bridget– and they really capture the beauty of Western Washington! I’m glad all my girls enjoyed the get together. Thanks for posting!!! MOM xxxooo

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