The time is late July.

The sun is heating up the land and the sea and, as it sits overhead, the directness of its rays reach down and hold you in place. If asked what you’re doing the answer better be, “Not much.” It’s obvious you’re not getting anything done today. Just admit it.

Luckily, the lawn has stopped growing and there are only a few weeds and they’re not going anywhere. Like you…just admit it. Anyhow, you’re not suppose to worry on days like these.

As the weeds grow

the four winds will blow.

Luckily, there is an occasional breeze to remind you that the earth is still turning, tilted but turning. Today the tall grasses are animated by the wind, no matter how slight it may be. If you stare it will becomes a kaleidoscope as the blades cross and sway pass each other, catching the light as they move. It’s not a bad way to spend a summer’s day.

Sit back.



Karl Foerster: upright and green.

Miscanthus: such a graceful motion!

Iris blades responding similarly to light and wind.

Here’s to lazy summer days and taking the time to enjoy it!

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