Sleepy Summer Daze

 The forecast said it would be hot this weekend

I’m keeping things well watered, but that’s it! I’ve been putting in very long work days and then spending weekends in my own yard trying to catch up on pruning and weeding. Last weekend I finished with the mulching and can now (in theory) spend the summer just watering and relaxing.

Work has been very busy. This seems to be a summer full of special events that I’m helping my clients get ready for; garden tours, visiting family and a backyard wedding(!!!). I’ve been putting in extra hours daily to try to meet all of the deadlines. It a good thing it’s summer and the days are long…

Disappearing into a dream.

I was up early this morning and the sun’s heat could already be felt. A garden bench is a perfect place to sit and do nothing and that is just what I did. Every day more flowers come into bloom and plants grow more lush with summer’s deepening hues. It’s a moment that is difficult to remember in the dead of winter. My thoughts drift and flow until I find myself staring at a patch of green Scottish moss.

Here lies the sleeping green man-child that I originally wrote about HERE. The moss has crept and covered while he was sleeping summer’s slumber. How long? I don’t know. I’ve had to uncover it once before and it’s fun! Definitely a task I can handle on a lazy summer day.

Waking up in the Morning

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