Holy Hallow, Bat-man!

A Treat

An exciting event of the 2020 Lunar calendar is upon us.

The Moon, nearly blue, shines through my curtain.

We will be treated to a blue moon this Halloween. The last time those two events coincided was 76 years ago in 1944! That sounds really haunting but, what does it mean? Normally there are only twelve lunar cycles in a year, giving us just one full moon a month. These twelve lunar cycles don’t quite match up with the calendar year which is about 11 days longer. After a period of 2-3 years, these extra days add up to give us a 13th lunar cycle in a year. The result is a month with 2 full moons. The second one is the blue moon. That Blue moon is today. Eat, drink, howl and enjoy!

And Then a Tricky Situation

or “When to call Public Health.”

Imagine stepping out your door to find a bat hanging out. At first it looks like a clump of gunk that was thrown at your gate and stuck there. But it’s not stuck. It starts to creep and crawl, you panic, but you can’t move. You’re the one that’s stuck. It fans out it’s wings to take flight…!!

The First and Last Time I Saw a Bat

Keeping it creepy,

Happy Halloween from Bridget at Gardenkeeping, RIP


If you see a bat acting strangely during the day, don’t approach it (maybe don’t even make a film about it) but, do leave it alone and call Public Health or Animal Control if you have concerns. Now I know.

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8 thoughts on “Holy Hallow, Bat-man!

  1. Poor lil’ bat! Hope he was ok. Guess what bats are called in Dutch? “vleermuis” = “winged mouse” 🙂


    1. The bat was flying back and forth between the house and shed before it landed on the gate. I was so excited that I didn’t think about it until it flew away toward the fields. Maybe it was reunited with the other vleermuis? A happy ending?


  2. I was so happy to learn that the bat had a gate to land on. We = all of us – must have gates to aid our local bats find refuge from hidden caverns and other nosey neighbor bats.


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