Dusty and Dark

The days are short. You may be asking yourself why you would use those precious moments of daylight to stay home and clean but, then you remember it’s 2020 and this is it; you’re home for the holidays. You may think your house is clean and ready for some festive decor but, that illusion is taken away the moment you decide to move some of your furniture around. If you frighten easily you may not want to attempt these cleaning maneuvers alone. The dust bunnies can be terrifying.

That’s right, Gardenkeeping has been doing some housekeeping now that the holidays are here. I don’t mind a little dust but, experience has taught me that it is difficult to clean after everything is already up for the month. This is especially true for me since I’m not very good at securing the decorations – it looks good, but don’t touch or lean on anything!

In the midst of my living room/holiday shuffle, I moved a desk and, behind it, found a painting that had fallen forgotten. It was one of my first attempts at oil paints. I painted it from a picture I had taken at night with my first digital camera. The image was blurry, an effect that I’m not sure I could get with the camera I use now. I put that picture in a previous post I wrote about light pollution, Stranger in the Night. I thought it would be fun to bring it to light and share it for the holidays.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy the dark this holiday season!

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6 thoughts on “Dusty and Dark

  1. Bridget I love this painting ! You have always been one of my favorite visual artists.. kind of a secret one, at that. So I’m happy that you’re sharing some of your work ! Of which your gardening all these years has been, as well. Bravo to you for finding a means to share the practices and work you’ve explored. We are so grateful to be seeing it all ! MUCH LOVE. And may the differences of this holiday time shine newly for you! We are also welcoming in the new, strange and wonderful gems. Your fauns~ Dawn & fam


    1. Oh wow, thanks! I have a lot of old dusty art that I never considered showing before. Thanks for your words of encouragement.
      Good to hear you and your family are unearthing riches in this time outside of time. Enjoy!


  2. Love this Bridget! I also have one of your early drawings — probably from art class! You have the mind and soul of an artist! Lots of love…MAMA


  3. Bridget, I chime in as well, I always really love your art and your photography and seeing it here is such a treat! Over by us, we are also welcoming the new different seasons of celebration in new ways, and trying to appreciate what we have instead of comparing it to how things were before. It can be hard this time of year with the dark days, but more chances to turn on those festive lights and candles! xo


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