A Minute on the Pineapple Express

We had a Pineapple Express move through this last week after experiencing a giant Arctic air mass that brought us snow and freezing temperatures. February never seems to disappoint when it comes to winter storms. I’m just trying to hang on and enjoy the ride!

This was originally posted in 2017. I thought it would be fun to bring it up from the archives so, without further ado….

First of all there is rain…

…lots of rain.

Then come the warm winds.

I’ve spent the last two days working through these meteorological conditions raking leaves….

….lots of leaves.

According to Wikipedia, the Pineapple Express is an atmospheric river that extends from the Hawaiian islands to anywhere along the Pacific coast of North America.  It brings lots of rain (my rain gear proved itself worthy) before dropping snow in the mountains.  This river then continues inland, only minus the moisture. At that point it’s called the Chinook winds.

Growing up in Spokane, I remember the Chinook winds and how it would be warm and windy toward the end of winter. By the time the winds were done, all of the snow would be gone. Snow gets so dirty by the end of winter that we were always happy when the warm winds wicked it all away! Yay, the Chinook winds are here!

Any Spokane people who would like to comment about unusually warm winds for late November?

Rain, wind and temperatures in the 60’s. Here’s a slice of the Pineapple Express for everyone to enjoy.

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7 thoughts on “A Minute on the Pineapple Express

  1. Good story Bridget. We are having the worm days here in Oregon too. And rain. Lots of rain. And then more rain. 😀


  2. I could just stare at that video of clouds all day, Bridget, beautiful! All aboard the pineapple express!
    We had a little bit of this kind of weather here and the same thing – where those warm winds melted all the snow. The warm wind coming out after the snow has such a surreal quality to it.


  3. ..the Chinook winds ! How great to hear what their origins are.. they were always such a happy, reliable thing. And always so magical. ~d


    1. Yay! Spokane “Children of the Sun” family!
      It’s funny how you go to write about one thing and you learn something completely unexpected! I never knew of this connection to the Chinook winds as a kid either. They will need to have their own post someday, very magical indeed!


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