A Fire in the Belly

Just when we thought it was safe to go outside again

along comes February to remind us that winter is not done with us yet. Most of the country has been hit by some seriously cold, wintry weather. It’s hard to compare to places that are experiencing subzero temperatures but, even here on the Olympic Peninsula, we’re feeling the freeze.


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6 thoughts on “A Fire in the Belly

  1. What a wonderful history of February 1st and the name of Brigid! I remember also of telling you about St. Bridget and her unusual life. It’s funny to see how ancient stories trickle down to holidays in present time that seem to primarily celebrate the commercial aspect…..”what’s on sale this month?”
    I especially love the video “fade to black.” Looking forward to more blogs dear! Love, MOM

    1. Thanks, Mom! I can remember having to pick a patron saint at school and of course for me it had to be Saint Bridget of Sweden. I wanted to include her but, there was already so much to write about Imbolc. I think you got a book for me about her and I still have that list of names somewhere too!

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