A Thousand Words

It’s not that there’s nothing to say

or even that there’s not much going on.

It’s just that life has gotten a little unpredictable….starting with the holidays. We had a white Christmas, which is unusual for Port Townsend. The odds of it snowing here on Christmas morning are about 7%. The last time that happened was 2008.

Then both of my kids’ birthdays are in December. Basically, the celebrations never stop! It really helps to keep my spirits up. I’m not naturally a holiday person, but my kids have worn me down over the years. I’ve learned to “relax” into it.


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8 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

    1. It’s a very nice climate for gardening. If you don’t mind the damp you can pretty much go year round; minus a week or two in the winter!
      Thanks for checking out my blog!

  1. just think how much more time you will have when the two rug rats finally leave. what a shock they are going to have when “mom” is not there to hold thier hands, pick up after them and cook and clean for them.. enjoy this time of your life!!

    john estes

    1. I guess it’s an essential part of growing up; living away from your parents. They’re so excited to be going that it helps me to miss them without being too sad. Yes, a time of adjustment all around!

  2. Where/when did you learn to knit and crochet, Bridget ? ? I’m exploring that world for the first time now with my girls in a Waldorf school.. I also learned recently what beautiful lace and crochet work Mom did (one blanket was at 13 yrs. old.. have you seen it? Unbelievable!) When you visit, get ready to do some handwork with me and the girls. ! xo

    1. I’m self taught. When the boys were little I was given a booklet with written instructions and sketches to illusrate the stitches. Now, with YouTube, I look up videos to get help.
      The flowers were my first experience away from working in straight rows and now I’m hooked!
      I can’t wait to see all of you! °•♡•°

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