Bye-bye, Honey!

Yesterday I said goodbye to my Honey Locust tree.

I was working nearby in my neighborhood and was preparing myself for the gut-wrenching sound of the chainsaw to distract me from my work. This was actually the first time I’ve ever had anyone else cut on my property . We had hired Tippy-Top Tree Service and by 11:00am it was fairly quiet and I began to wonder if it had been cancelled for the day. That was when my ears finally picked up the sound of a soft buzzing.  That had to be my honey.

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8 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Honey!

  1. Well told .I believe that we’ll find a better organism to occupy that space. Love my Gardenkeeper.

  2. I loved to read your story! It’s a little difficult to me because my english is not that good and have some words I need to check the translation, but I’m glad I found a blog I can keep up with! <3

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