Oh Deer, Why So Many Tulips?

Tulips are one of the spring bulbs that came with my garden, but there were years when I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, the red ones that is. They had been planted along with the usual suspects: grape hyacinth and yellow daffodils. These three types of bulbs are sold as a package deal… Continue reading Oh Deer, Why So Many Tulips?

(Can You) Dig It

Or Not? I know when it comes to cultivating the soil, everyone has an opinion about it. There are a lot of good reasons not to. The soil has a structure and its own little ecosystem of worms, fungus and bugs. Also, digging is hard work! A good reason to dig is if you’re putting… Continue reading (Can You) Dig It

The Green Man-Child

So much of what I have is broken but, since I grew up with Bob Ross, I’ve come to see these imperfections as “happy accidents”. The fact that most people do not want broken things is what usually brings these pieces into my life. This is how the mask of a child came to me. This… Continue reading The Green Man-Child

Lightning Strikes, Thunder rolls…..

Part 1: Thunder and Bolts Thursday was a particularly humid day. Even as I worked in the shade, the sweat and discomfort wouldn’t leave me alone. Who am I to complain on such a beautiful day! I finished with work and headed home. I was taking the next day off, so, off I drove toward my… Continue reading Lightning Strikes, Thunder rolls…..

Tra, La, La, La…Trillium!

  While tripping down a woodland lane  a whisper of spring I tried to explain. In the green shade   a flower brings its own light. After this long cold winter  a much needed sight. Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and not a moment too soon. Sure we’re still having stormy days but,… Continue reading Tra, La, La, La…Trillium!

Seeing Red?

Maybe try some  green for your eyes. If you ask any kid what their favorite color is they will always respond quickly and with pride. Our favorite colors have a way of connecting us to our core selves, our identities. If we say that we love a color we are telling you something of ourselves… Continue reading Seeing Red?