Working the Graveyard Shift

We are now in the middle of the dog days of summer. The heliacal rising of the dog star Sirius is a signal to those in the Northern Hemisphere that the hot days of summer have arrived. Finally this southern star can be seen hovering over the horizon just before it is overcome by the light of the rising sun. Below… Continue reading Working the Graveyard Shift

Hortum Sol Obscurabitur

What is gardenkeeping and where have they been keeping themselves? It is summer and it is very hot out there. If you look under a tree or behind a bush you may have spied a glimpse of the gardenkeeper but, perhaps not. You can’t be sure. There are other dirt dwellers out there…and cats. Yes,… Continue reading Hortum Sol Obscurabitur

Spring Loaded

Locked We have waited. Fall happened, the leaves fell and the days became dark. Then came winter with its chills and more time tucked inside. Why is it we always think of spring in the middle of winter? One nice day and everyone starts talking. The first sign of spring. Is cabin fever so bad by then… Continue reading Spring Loaded

The Cut Above

A peach tree pruned.  On the winter days that aren’t too frozen or wet you can generally find me up a ladder cutting away on the trees. Here in the Pacific Northwest I like to start pruning deciduous trees in January. This way [when they wake up] a lot of their growth will be in… Continue reading The Cut Above

Snow Days

Snow is almost starting to seem commonplace here in Port Townsend. Which basically means it fell, it stuck and it stayed for more then a day. Yay! It started falling early Monday morning. My cat, Kitty Meow, woke me up at three in the morning for what I’m assuming was a bathroom emergency. She’s getting… Continue reading Snow Days

Seeing Red?

Maybe try some  green for your eyes. If you ask any kid what their favorite color is they will always respond quickly and with pride. Our favorite colors have a way of connecting us to our core selves, our identities. If we say that we love a color we are telling you something of ourselves… Continue reading Seeing Red?

Bring Her In

It’s November and the temperature is slowly creeping down. I’ve had my first couple of work days were I had to put up my hood. It’s starting to get a little chilly out there and my ears do get cold! All of this discomfort is a good reminder to get to those winterizing chores that I’ve been putting off. I have a… Continue reading Bring Her In