Changing My View

Does the weather have multiple personalities or is it just me? A sunny day that suddenly becomes dark and rainy can seem to mirror my own internal melee. I have to wonder if anything is really happening or is it all in my mind.

There are times that I have to remind myself that nothing is happening to me directly and that I should probably just calm down. But in these usual times, that can bring about a separate, jarring reality that maybe nothing is happening and the mechanics from one day don’t only “seem” eerily similar to the day before, they are actually the same day repeating itself! If I’m being truthful, this really isn’t very different to my life before Covid.

The weather in Port Townsend can change many times over the course of a day. I spend most of the day outside, so, all of these little changes can feel like a thickening plot, a story unfolding around me. Living on a peninsula on a peninsula, I frequently have the sensation that whole weather systems are rushing over me while on the way to more substantial ground.

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6 thoughts on “Changing My View

  1. I urge you to call Mr. Tree. He will bring ax and saw (hi-powered) and do what he always does: remove all your shakei (?), down all your trees, to make certain you beed never again be disturbed when a limb falls in your yard, ruining your long-cherished equabinity. Give notice to the sign on his truck: I BRING PEACE NOT WHEN I WORK< BUT AFTER I LEAVE. Give him a call. Insist that he bring his ax and saw. Tell him you need peace.

  2. Wow, your garden looks stunning! And I can’t believe you took that photo right before the tree lost it’s branch! But at least the part of the house showing doesn’t have windows and is basically the roof. Still, wow, that must have been quite a storm!

    1. Thanks! I kind of with on a red themed garden the last couple of years but, I’m starting to tone it down.
      And so true about the house not having a lot of windows, that would be much worse. Windows=the “eyes” of a house.

  3. The differences in the sky really changed those photos. I had to take a second look at them to make sure that they were of the same tree!

    1. Some of the pictures were taken only minutes apart. The whole thing took place over the course of about 2 hours. It’s amazing how light can make everything look so different!

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