Gray day? Put up your veggies!

For years I dreamed of a day without the ever present wind that use to mark the passage of days here on the Peninsula.

Wow, we’ve had a really amazing summer here in Port Townsend.  It’s been day after day of blue skies, barely a hint of a breeze and temperatures regularly  in the 80’s.  I kept wondering where I could be?

Bridget's phone 053
First the wind…

Being an Inland Girl, I was use to still summer days. That was when the heat had a chance to gather. It would force all thoughts to focus on relief; a dip in the lake, sitting by a fan, drawing the curtains in the middle of the day and water fights with the neighbors! Okay, I am definitely idealizing those times but,  it had been a while since I hadn’t had to brace myself against the wind or add layers of clothes (that famous Northwest layered-look) as evening came. Every day.

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6 thoughts on “Gray day? Put up your veggies!

  1. dear BIRDIE, your posts are delightful! I like the fact that boiling beans precipitates growly weather… RIkki Sent from my iPad


  2. Oh my goodness… that blackberry pie looks amazing! The galette crust is so fancy too.

    And thank you for the tips about the green beans! We don’t have a garden, but we will try blanching and freezing the fresh ones we buy from the grocery store.

  3. ..BRIDGET ! It’s like access to your hidden, magic world that we’ve all been dreaming of for twenty years ! What a blessing that you started doing this.. I am TOTALLY inspired, and have been hoping to pick up garden-keeping skills but seem to have no official time to learn.. . this is PERFECT for me..! And what a lovely writer you are.. and, yes, your garden and yard have always BOOMED with beauty.. it deserves to be documented.. what a treat for us all . Eager for your posts to come ~ Dawn

    1. I didn’t even intend to do this. I just thought I’d start a website so I would have something other than my phone number to advertise with. I’m having such a good time with it that I have to remind myself to go to work! Thanks for all of your encouragement and for always seeing the magic and the craft, especially when my kids were little and I was tired….you know.

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