Hold your tongue…

…and repeat after me,


For those of you with kids you’re probably already having this kind of fun. It’s autumn and the kids have gone back to school. The rest of us can probably remember some of the sing-song word games from our playground days.

Sally had a steamboat,

the steamboat had a bell,

when Sally went to heaven the steamboat went to

Hell-o operator….

It goes on for a while like that. These are the rhyming games that kids teach each other: Clapping games, hopscotch and jump rope. It was fun and, as far as I was concerned, if you could swear, all the better!

Another sign of autumn is the apple harvest.

It starts in August and goes through to November. Here in Washington it’s the state fruit. Most of the apple production comes from the central part of the state where, according to the Washington Apple Commission,  primarily eight varieties are grown. These are the names most of us are familiar with: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Braeburn, Jonagold and Cameo. A couple of those I regularly munch on, but I was pleased to read that there are 2500 varieties grown throughout the USA and more than 7500 around the world! Here are just a few that I found. See if you can guess where they’re from:

  1. Akero
  2. Ambrosia
  3. Antonovka
  4. Api Etoile
  5. Ard Cairn

OK. That was just a quick peek at the A’s. Were you able to guess some?

Here are the answers:

  1. Scandinavia
  2.  Canada
  3. Russia
  4. Switzerland
  5. Ireland

I love apples.

Reading the descriptions of these distant trees puts me in a dreamy world of old orchards tended by those who know what prizes await them. I want to smell the leaves, the fragrance of the fruit, the crisp rare air. Some varieties are described as having a pineapple-like flavor or being reminiscent of bananas. One has red flesh while another’s skin goes black in storage! Then we get to the different uses. Do you want to bake them or make sauce? Some are best eaten fresh or they are good for storage. And then there’s cider…

Here in Port Townsend, backyard apples are grown for all of these things, but it’s hard cider that is putting us on the map.

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