Inside bin number three

Worms, rotting food and dirt.

It’s cold out and the ground has decided to remain frozen. There’s not much for a gardener to do. I know, now’s the time I’m suppose to be “dreaming ” my spring and summer garden but, I’m feeling too edgy. The thought of sitting down with my notes and catalogs is making me want to jump out of my skin!  I’m just not use to being inside so much.

At first it was nice.

I’d look out of the windows, occasionally venturing outside and then being in a hurry to get back in again! In the last month I’ve only managed to garden a handful of days and with this continuing cold, there looks to be even more inside time coming. How is a gardener to survive? Is this suppose to be good for me? Obviously my life needs some adjustment.

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3 thoughts on “Inside bin number three

  1. I have one of those above ground tumbling composers, and somehow it works! Maybe because it is in a very shady spot?. anyway it is full of worms! I love those worms I feel like they are my pets… my crew.😃
    After reading this blog I think I will get them on the ground. I want the best for my guys! Thanks for the good information.

    1. That’s great. There are so many ways to compost. I love to hear everyone’s different styles. The most important thing is to find something that works for you. Are the worms ok with the tumbling?

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