Leaf Me Alone

A place to relax and play

A lawn, unlike most areas of the garden, is a good outdoor space for people to be. With that said, I mostly don’t care about lawns and whether they’re perfectly manicured or weed free and green. I just don’t want to give much of my brain space over to “the perfect lawn”. Part of the beauty of a lawn for me is it is a ground cover that requires very little maintenance. My approach is to mow it during the growing season (my kids help a lot with this), let it go dormant in the summer when the rains stop and then mow it a few more times in the fall when it comes back to life with the return of wetter weather. All of this happens over the course of about 6-7 months here in Port Townsend. Compared to the rest of the chores in the garden, this takes very little time and skill for the ground it covers.


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6 thoughts on “Leaf Me Alone

  1. a lawn can be nice, but a garden is so much better, especially if one has a great gardener!!

  2. Good story Bridgie . . . I didn’t know about the slug attraction of leaf decomposition. Very good stuff. Thanks. 😀

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