Lightning Strikes, Thunder Rolls

Part 1: Thunder and Bolts

Thursday was a particularly humid day.

Even as I worked in the shade, the sweat and discomfort wouldn’t leave me alone. Who am I to complain on such a beautiful day! I finished with work and headed home. I was taking the next day off, so, off I drove toward my weekend. I’ve been putting in long weeks with long days. A typical spring, but now I was ready for a break. My only thought now was to make it to the picnic table in my backyard for a beer with David.

There we sat in the sun. It felt good to rest and chat. At the same time we’re talking, I’m watching the sky change behind David. I had to interrupt,

“The sky is getting really intense. You have to look!”

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6 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes, Thunder Rolls

  1. Good narrative, Bridget! I feel like I should be a detective and look for signs of vandalism during the night. What is the fun of “running down a tree?” And,,,,maybe all that recent thunder is KARMA!!!

    1. I know I had some elaborate schemes that ran through my head. Definately got a little crazy about it. It’s nice to be able to look back. Never did find out who it was…..

  2. That was quite a storm! And you would never know by looking at those beautiful trees that they had been run over twice. Great story!

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