A pansy for remembrance

If there is one thing that I’ve learned about flowers is that sometimes they just show up.

Most of the time they should be seen as a harbinger of a plant that will fill your days with weeding. If only I could remember that part.

Oh sure, it’s fun at first. You see a seedling that is unfamiliar and wonder how it got there. Did a bird drop it? Has it been lying dormant in the soil waiting for the right conditions to awaken?  I’m not a very patient person but, I am curious, so, I wait. Then comes the reward when it blooms into a flower; a pretty poppy with crepe paper petals, love-in-a-mist with its out-of-this-world blue flowers and larkspur. Yes, they came to me from gardens unknown.

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6 thoughts on “A pansy for remembrance

  1. This is so true I will get flowers or trees starters that come from I don’t know where and I think how pretty then I remember why didn’t I pull that out when I had the chance. I love the pictures and knowing the definition of pansies. Thank you for the wonderful information and pictures.

  2. A book entered my life for my 22nd birthday.. one of my sisters gave me a Barnes and Noble gift certificate and I purchased ‘The Victorian Grimoire’ by Patricia Telesco. It was all about these lovely practices of flower language and fan language and tramps in the woods.. nature worship through the proper and charmingly poetic guise of Victorian times. It brought forth a big magical shift to my life ! Especially my home life. I feel a big kinship to this aesthetic, and it has been beautifying my world some two decades since.. LOVE IT . . thank you for writing about this, and opening that door again, it’s been missing a bit ! xo

  3. I have very fond memories of flowers in association with my grandmas–one grandma will forever be associated with pansies, and the other grandma with dianthus–on visits, we would leap from the car and dive head-first into the flower beds, gulping their fragrance. What a lovely reminder!

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