Opening Eye

The Mornings in December are dark

The curtains are kept closed for privacy and warmth. I’m an early riser, so there are hours of darkness that accompany my morning routine. Usually by the time I open the curtains the sun is up and I’m off to work, but not today.


Today is Sunday. I’m hoping the rain will hold off for one more day. Yesterday I was able to spend most of the day weeding in my back garden. I scratched my way through the main garden and even made it into the vegetable patch.
The spinach is no longer in danger of being overtaken by weeds, but by the time I was spreading straw and replacing the protective fencing over the greens (damn the squirrels!), the darkness of night was well on its way.


I woke up this morning hoping to get back in there to tend the lettuce. As you can see, it’s been a little neglected. I kept meaning to mulch it once it grew more but, time has a way of filling up with everything else in your life and weeds are no exception! The nice part is that it hasn’t mattered too much. The lettuce grew quickly and we’ve been eating the sweet greens for a couple of months now. It’s felt like a success since I last blogged about it  (Can You) Dig It.  Autumn is ending soon and it’s time to tend my winter garden if it is going to have a chance to pull through the cold and dampness that lies ahead.

I tried to not trip on the cats as I walked through the dim shadows of the living room, a stripe of light had pushed its way through the closed curtain. I had to have a peek!

The eye of dawn opening its heavy lid, looking back at me, today.


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9 thoughts on “Opening Eye

  1. It’s so nice to see the sun on the horizon like that!
    Every year when the days get shorter, I start thinking about heading south. I figure I would have to go somewhere on the other side of the Earth that has complimentary seasons. Tasmania maybe? Summer there is from December to February, which sounds pretty good to me!

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