Pathways: A Garden Divided “Part One”

What do you picture in your mind when I write the word ‘garden’?

It’s different for everyone. There are those who think of endless beds, full of flowers that are always in bloom. Maybe it’s having plants that surround your house without a lawn in sight. Is it what you grow in containers on a balcony or patio? What about the garden being a view through a window, which I wrote about here (click!). For me a garden is where I can be alone with my plants. I hardly ever visit with anyone there.

What I have learned from working in gardens for 20+ years is that almost no one thinks of people when they think of gardens, but what is a garden if people aren’t considered in the planning and enjoyment of it? From this gardener’s perspective, it can make for a very unwelcoming space, but who wants to hear that from their gardener? This is why I write.


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9 thoughts on “Pathways: A Garden Divided “Part One”

  1. I think of a garden as an exhibit in an outdoor plant museum with the gardener as the curator. What I picture in my mind is very much the endless beds of blooming flowers that you described above!

    An interesting pathway is the one through a maze. I’ve heard that if you follow along one side of it as you walk, you will eventually make your way through to the end. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but it’s kind of fun to think about!

    1. You guessed Part Two?!!
      No, just kidding! That is something I should start to think about and see where that gets me….
      I like your concept of a garden and its gardener!:)

  2. You’ve added philosophy and literary good taste to your concept of a garden and its need for a properly suited and sculpted pathway, which serves a person’s slow moving meditations , companionship among the flower beds and shrubberies, and the soothing response of a sighing ,”Yes”. Exquisitely done! The applause is deafening! DAD

  3. The book “Herbs and Savory Seeds” that I recently picked up, has a chapter on Magic Gardens AND Mazes and Labyrinths. Really fascinating but looks like a lot of work! They also give lots of information on ancient gardens with illustrations! I’m saving it for you!!!!! dear Bridget…..keep up the good work/writing!

  4. i love this blog. i believe a garden is for people to enjoy and it should have lots of blooms. i also believe a path makes a garden.
    john estes

  5. I work with so many different kinds of gardens, and only a few are residential. My own garden is very plain and utilitarian. Yet, even the most lush must be maintained. The gardens of the arboretum are only there as a home to all the stock plants that provide cuttings for production. They are not presented very well, and are arranged in patters to make them very accessible, and to be productive, like orchards for cuttings. Even forested areas that get assumed into an adjacent garden must be modified for maintenance and accessibility.

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