Peas Take a Bow

There was a week of nice weather sometime around mid-February.

The seed racks began to fill up at The Co-op and I started to feel ansy as my schedule got too busy to answer the call coming from my vegetable garden. Could it be waking up from its winter slumber or was it just my stomach grumbling?

Some winters are very mild, but this year has felt colder and wetter than usual. It hasn’t affected my work schedule too much, which is good. There is so much to do this time of year to get everyone’s gardens ready for the spring: pruning, mulching and of course, always weeding.

The last of the winter spinach.

The weekend of the 18th I finally had time [and good enough weather] to make my way into the garden. The kale had seen better times, so, it got yanked.  The spinach and arugula that I had planted in the fall looked  good and seemed to finally be growing. The lettuce had overwintered, but not well. It hadn’t grown much before the cold weather hit and the outer leaves looked ready to rot.


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