Resident Crows

Halloween is here.

The best holiday of the year.

The rest could go away and never come back.

I really wouldn’t care.

Growing up in Spokane, on Altamont Boulevard, the houses were old and so were the trees. There were large areas along the circle where the parking strips were planted with maple trees that reached across the street. The branches created a living vaulted ceiling. Come fall, the leaves would be raked into huge piles and left for the garbage trucks to pick up. How they did it, I’ll never know. It happened while I was at school. The temptation of those giant leaf piles were too much for my sisters and I to resist. You would get a running start and jump before disappearing into the pile. I can remember bringing a rake so we could make the pile higher and keep jumping. A few times I just stayed in the leaves, breathing in fall, staying hidden. I don’t remember anyone ever coming out to tell us to stop. Those were the good ole days for sure! The first time I saw leaves put into bags for the garbage trucks to pick up (they were orange plastic and made to look like jack o’ lanterns) I was so mad! It was like being told for the first time that the world was no fun.

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14 thoughts on “Resident Crows

  1. Good Halloween morning Bridget, This is a perfect beginning for the day. Thanks so much.

  2. Yet another good one Bridget. I enjoy reading your posts. I also like your window on the front of the house.

  3. I love it when people put their leaves outside. It’s the only time in the year where I can legally steal the neighbor’s stuff. (although they look really weird at me).
    I’m happy you taught me something new. I didn’t know that crows mated for life.
    I just rescued a crow from our cats but he or she seems to have a paralyzed wing so I guess it’ll be a keeper. I’ll see what happens with it in the future. At the moment he or she is wandering around in my office and eating my mealworms and breadcrumbs (and some chicken feed)
    If it doesn’t heal, I guess I’ll have a new mouth to feed.
    Nice article, keep up the good work. And, I know I’m a bit late but, happy Halloween

    1. If they catch you they might ask you to come over and rake sometime (It happened to me!!) but definately get it while you can!
      Glad to hear you rescued the crow. If it stays that should be an interesting companion to have. Their intelligence has been compared to dolphins and are good at mimicry…might have some interesting late night conversations….Happy Halloween and gardening!

  4. I’ve heard that crows are very intelligent and this confirms it! What I can’t figure out is how all that intelligence gets in those little heads!

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