Seeing Red?

Maybe try some green for your eyes.

If you ask any kid what their favorite color is they will always respond quickly and with pride. Our favorite colors have a way of connecting us to our core selves, our identities. If we say that we love a color we are telling you something of ourselves and preferences. If you keep this line of conversation going you will inevitably hear which colors that person doesn’t like.

In working for people in their gardens the conversation will at some point come around to color.

The interesting part is that people will often assume that their color preference should be as obvious as the colors I should know that they hate. All I can say is that almost every time that person will throw in a remark that would have been impossible for me to anticipate.

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3 thoughts on “Seeing Red?

  1. It is my belief that you are a reincarnated zen master…I love this! And, I have to tell you, every time I arrive home, and catch the view of your work at the front of my house, I still swoon. I love it so much.

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