If a garden grows, and nobody comes to see it, does it really exist?

An existential crisis springs-up during the dark days of summer.

Gardens are a lot of work and, with most of it being undone by the passing of time, you try to take in that state of perfection while it lasts. A thought that I regularly have while working in my garden is, “I hope nobody shows up right now – this place is a mess!” Of course, that is exactly when somebody will suddenly stop by. Then the moment finally comes when you finish your work and think, “This looks so good, I wish someone would come over and see it.” but, with Covid19, the chances of that are slim. I’ve had only five people view my garden this last summer. It’s really made me question how much of this is for me or how much is done for attention and feedback from others. This is obviously a rhetorical question because I am a blogger but, most gardeners do love to show off their work and that’s a fact!

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4 thoughts on “Shadowboxing

    1. Thanks!
      I knew I was forgetting something! I’ll add a current garden photo to this post. The shed is still a work in progress and might require a seperate post to show what’s going on. That is nice to think of those times in there.

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