Smoky and Blue

The Woods a Blaze

There are wildfires burning throughout the western part of the United States. Here in Washington State there have been 470 fires in 2018 so far. I was surprised to find out that every year the fire season officially starts on April 15th with burn restrictions in place on all DNR-protected lands. It turns out that as soon as the spring rains stop, everything starts to dry up and is at risk of catching on fire. This year we had a wet spring but, once May hit, the rain stopped and they began predicting a challenging year for fighting wildfires. Then came the summer.

Summer’s Haze


I’ve had to cancel work for the week. The air quality has gotten that bad.I tried to work a bit but, it was truly miserable. Last week I was out in it and ended up feeling pretty crummy. When I showed up at work the following Monday, K came out of her house and was amazed that I was there, “We’re not even letting our dog outside today!” That was when I realized how quiet it was Uptown: an eerie air. There were no other people outside and only an occasional car driving by. The smoke had driven everyone inside to hide from its ghostly presence. I said I’d reschedule and then left for home. My head hurt and I felt tired, so, after a bath I went to bed and stayed there.

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7 thoughts on “Smoky and Blue

  1. If I remember correctly, the smoke is significantly worse in Washington than it is here, and it is rather bad here in Santa Cruz County.

    1. When I finally started looking at the different maps and images that are available online I was amazed at how bad it was! Starting with Colorado and moving west the landscape is pockmarked with fires. Then it was surprising to see how the smoke had settled in the valleys and waterways of western Washington. Sorry to hear it’s bad where you’re at as well! Try to stay safe

  2. Didn’t know about the whitish coat on the blueberries, Bridget. A whole new world out there!! I’m glad you did get out the smoke and eat the wonderful blueberries. Take care…and lots of love….MOMxxxoo

    1. They appear to be a bright blue. When the bloom rubs off, the color underneath is more of a dark purple…and they were delicious! I’ve picked almost all of mine, so I suppose I’ll have to start buying them at the store.

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