So, I Got Bored With My Hedge…(Reprise) completes its first trip around the sun!

This has been such an unexpected pleasure for me. Originally I just wanted a website for my garden maintenance business but, then I got bitten by the blogging bug. Read about it at my post WHAT’S MY SIGN! The learning curve was a bit long (and grueling) but now, one year in and 42 posts later, I’m still excited to sit and write about my plant-life. A big thank-you to everyone who has checked out my blog and decided to follow it. You’ve really cheered me up!

In this world you can’t rest on your laurels.


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12 thoughts on “So, I Got Bored With My Hedge…(Reprise)

    1. Thanks! Great idea on the barrel rings! I have a couple but, they would need to be cut and refit, or maybe just left to spiral? Stay posted for a reprise of the reprise !

  1. i love the idea of the port hole. i immediately transforms the hedge into a unique one!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Gardenkeeping! This is such a great blog. 🙂

    A spiraling barrel ring for the port hole would look so cool. Bryan and I came up with a few ideas that might work, but we like that one the best.

    1. Isn’t funny how an empty hole fills the mind with ideas? I thought of you when I started because you encouraged me to do it last year.
      Thanks a bunch!

      1. Yes it is! And I remember that conversation. It’s always so much fun talking about the creative ideas you have for your yard. 🙂

        I was just thinking about the interesting shadow the hedge will make. If you can see sunlight through the port hole throughout the day, you might be able to tell the time with it kind of like a sun dial. Very cool!

  3. Another great BLOG, Bridget! I am so proud of your writing and gardening skills. (I brag about you all the time) I’m saving all of them — print and publish??

    Keep up the good work! Lots of love, MOM

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