Spring Loaded


We have waited.

020_20Fall happened, the leaves fell and the days became dark. Then came winter with its chills and more time tucked inside.

Why is it we always think of spring in the middle of winter? One nice day and everyone starts talking. The first sign of spring. Is cabin fever so bad by then the we’re grasping at any sign of the outside world being open to us again? For me, it really makes winter drag on to always be thinking that it is about to be over.

So, yeah, it’s springtime. We’ve had some hot days, so, of course now everyone is saying summer might already be here.  I have to remind myself that this is what we do. We talk about the weather.


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2 thoughts on “Spring Loaded

  1. I am curious about Korean Spice. Never heard of it before. Loved your photos. I understand the yearning to get to your own yard. I’ve been doing a lot of weeding jobs for other people as well. Summer has just begun so I’m sure there will be a transition from weeding to watering. Carry on!

    1. It’s a type of viburnum that has fragrant flowers. It’s one of the first to bloom so it’s easy to miss. There’s always next year…..

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