Spotlight in the Garden

The weird and wonderful ways of the world flowed into Gardenkeeping’s garden this last week. I was contacted by the arts editor of the Port Townsend Leader, Chris McDaniels. He asked about setting up a time to interview me for a profile article. I initially couldn’t figure out if it was going to be about my blog or my gardening business. He had been given my name by a client of mine, Suzzanne Stangel.

My husband built me a special computer for my writing and pictures.

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For This Moment

   There is so much that is remarkable about Anne’s garden.

It has been professionally photographed many times over the years as well as enjoyed by her many visitors and passers-by.  This is her creation.  She has planted and shaped everything you see. For the last few years it has been my pleasure to help her with some of its upkeep. My favorite? The trees! Everything gets cut. Some more drastically than others but, everywhere you look you can see her hand.

Now is not the time to prune trees though. Now is the time for fall color!

Eventually this leads to a lot of raking but, try not to think about that right now. Look around and let your eyes be dazzled, just for this moment.

Would I like to take a picture of a maple?

Anne had caught me on my way to the store.

“It looks amazing RIGHT NOW!”

I knew which one she was talking about. I had been watching it change from my front window. It shows like someone had set it alight with a flame; a beautiful slow burn.

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