The Good Shit

It was a late start; April instead of February. My work and the rain have made it difficult for me to get to into my own garden. If you read my last veggie post (Can You) Dig It , we left off with me planting a winter garden instead of a cover crop.  The spinach,… Continue reading The Good Shit

Leaf Me Alone

A place to relax and play A lawn, unlike most areas of the garden, is a good outdoor space for people to be. With that said, I mostly don’t care about lawns and whether they’re perfectly manicured or weed free and green. I just don’t want to give much of my brain space over to “the perfect lawn”. Part of… Continue reading Leaf Me Alone

Inside bin number three

Worms, rotting food and dirt. It’s cold out and the ground has decided to remain frozen. There’s not much for a gardener to do. I know, now’s the time I’m suppose to be “dreaming ” my spring and summer garden but, I’m feeling too edgy. The thought of sitting down with my notes and catalogs is making me want… Continue reading Inside bin number three