Spotlight in the Garden

The weird and wonderful ways of the world flowed into Gardenkeeping’s garden this last week. I was contacted by the arts editor of the Port Townsend Leader, Chris McDaniels. He asked about setting up a time to interview me for a profile article. I initially couldn’t figure out if it was going to be about my blog or my gardening business. He had been given my name by a client of mine, Suzzanne Stangel.

My husband built me a special computer for my writing and pictures.

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 I finally got the sign for my truck!

It’s done. The reason all of this has happened. In the end it only amounted to a piece of magnet whose dimensions are 5″x 20″.

This whole process started last March. OK, not really. My husband, David, has been trying to get me to put a sign on my truck ever since I started my own business back in 2008.  I kind of hated the idea though. I had gotten a business license and had used my name as my business name just to keep things simple. The problem for me was that I didn’t want my name and number on a sign.

Using my name was for simplicity, but also  I couldn’t come up with a name that I liked and matched the services I provide. I thought about names that were purely accurate like “Garden Maintenance Services” but it was so boring I thought, “Why bother?” so I didn’t. My other idea was to use my nickname that my family gave me as a kid, Birdy, but then all of my names were fixated birds not gardens. Plus, Birdy is something that only my family calls me and I decided to keep it that way.  So the years went by…

 I love to spend time with plants.

I feel like so much of my life has been me trying to figure out how to be with them more. It’s a good thing I like to work (not sitting down) because garden maintenance puts me in direct contact with plants and their care. I work in nice gardens but, the one I feel the most excited and engaged with is my own. I guess it makes sense. Most of my work is maintaining what is there and not always a whole lot else. Which is fine but, I found myself wanting to connect what I like about plants and gardens outside of the work that I do.

How to do this? Most people will never see my garden or the garden’s that I work in. Maybe I should have named my business “The Invisible Gardener”.

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