A Thousand Words

It’s not that there’s nothing to say

or even that there’s not much going on.

It’s just that life has gotten a little unpredictable….starting with the holidays. We had a white Christmas, which is unusual for Port Townsend. The odds of it snowing here on Christmas morning are about 7%. The last time that happened was 2008.

Then both of my kids’ birthdays are in December. Basically, the celebrations never stop! It really helps to keep my spirits up. I’m not naturally a holiday person, but my kids have worn me down over the years. I’ve learned to “relax” into it.


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The Green Man-Child

So much of what I have is broken

but, since I grew up with Bob Ross, I’ve come to see these imperfections as “happy accidents”. The fact that most people do not want broken things is what usually brings these pieces into my life.

This is how the mask of a child came to me.

This story extends from a previous post about Kuan Yin, Bring Her In . My clients were moving away and I was helping to get their garden ready for viewing.  They had some very nice pieces of garden art, but had decided to not take it with them to their new home in New Mexico. The feeling and style of their new home was too different from that of a Pacific Northwest shady bluff garden. Most pieces were being given to friends. The ones they saw as needing repair were headed to the curb to be put out with the trash. That is how I got Kuan Yin. When Teresa saw how happy I was with a statue that needed repair, she asked me if I might want a hanging pot that had broken as well. She just needed to dig it out of the garage and find all of the pieces.


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Bring Her In

It’s November and the temperature is slowly creeping down.

I’ve had my first couple of work days were I had to put up my hood. It’s starting to get a little chilly out there and my ears do get cold! All of this discomfort is a good reminder to get to those winterizing chores that I’ve been putting off. I have a few pots that will crack if it freezes and a Star Jasmine that is too tender to survive a freeze.055

I got the jasmine this last spring after spotting it at a nursery. The flower’s scent brings me back to a year I spent in California when I was a kid. Our whole house was surrounded by jasmine and it’s amazing fragrance. I thought it was so exotic. Looking back now, I realize what a successful ground cover (weed) it was!

Well, I don’t have to worry about it running rampant here in Port Townsend but, I do have to worry about it freezing. Even with the different microclimates in this area, it is safe to say that we can get down into the low 20’s. You can see from the red leaves that I got it in just in time. So, there it will sit, in my shed, next to a window.

Sculpture and statues can be brought in as well if you have concerns about their integrity.

I really enjoy this change. These pieces can take on a whole new character when they are indoors. For me they become more alive and intimate. There is one that I bring in every year.

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