Mirrors, Moss and Miniatures

I knew it was there and I had always meant to go.

Plans were made but, mother nature intervened each time with bouts of nasty weather. One time it even snowed! I couldn’t seem to make it to Bloedel Reserve, a botanical garden on Bainbridge Island. Another time I made plans to go there for my birthday. We rented a room so the day could be spent at the reserve before going to dinner at Mossback, a favorite restaurant of mine in Kingston. As we drove toward Bainbridge Island, the sky darkened and raindrops began to fall. It rain hard for the next two days. We went straight to the restaurant where we spent about four hours eating and drinking in their Rabbit Hole cocktail lounge. A good time but, let me tell ya, it was no walk in the park!

The years passed and thoughts of going to Bloedel faded.


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