The Good Shit

It was a late start; April instead of February.

My work and the rain have made it difficult for me to get to into my own garden. If you read my last veggie post (Can You) Dig It , we left off with me planting a winter garden instead of a cover crop.  The spinach, lettuce and kale did a great job of getting us through the winter, but then a snow storm hit in February and left snow on the ground for a week, which is unusual for Port Townsend. That freeze was enough to kill off the last of my lettuce. Then the rain started falling and has hardly let up since. Gardening these last few months has left me questioning some of my life choices! Yes, it was getting bad.


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14 thoughts on “The Good Shit

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I wasn’t sure if the crass language would go well with a garden story, but then remembered that I was writing about manure!

      1. I finally learned the value of “Shit”, which has elevated my knowledge and esteem for it. To think that I had wandered through 80+ years of life welling such a contempt for it reveals – well – my ignorance and shame.From here to eternity, I shall cultivate a stronger attachment to it, and may the Blogs on Shit – multiply to establish a new conformity!

  1. I need to be moved , to assure me that all is well. Your Blogs are very nicely organized, and your writing style has an excellent narrative edge to it. The subject matter? Who could deny the Dignity of Plants? Show me such a person, and I’ll see a Dismal Fool.

  2. It’s nice to see “manure” getting such high grades, Bridget! And I am glad you’re using natural ingredients for your garden. Your vegetables should taste wonderful — I can almost smell their aromas right now! Good advice too!!!

    1. Uh hem, yes aromas….a little stinky even after its composted, but am looking forward to the smell of tomatoes in the sun.
      It was definately the right choice for my soil this year. A little pricey compared to green manure, but I know the plants will love it.

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