This is How We Get In

How do you take a lovely family visit and make it into something that seems dark and unsure? You go for a walk in the woods!

This last month my sisters and their families gathered at a house that is tucked back on Blue Mountain Road just off of Eaglemount. The last time we were there was four years ago. It’s a favorite for all. They even have tunnels and slides that kids (and grown-ups with good knees) can crawl through to pop-up at various other places in the house! Pretty cool. Another great thing about this spot is that you’re acres away from any neighbors. If they’re around, you don’t see them, just the dirt roads that lead to…?

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8 thoughts on “This is How We Get In

  1. Ferns look like migrating crab. Imagination is a great theater. I dig your style.

  2. its amazing what we have in our own back yard. we don’t have to go away somewhere else to find these wonderful places.

  3. Ferns can seem a bit menacing with their curly fists reaching out to grab you!!! I am glad I am not the only one thinking these things, haha!

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