Tra, La, La, La…Trillium!

While tripping down a woodland lane

 a whisper of spring

I tried to explain.

In the green shade

  a flower brings its own light.

After this long cold winter

 a much needed sight.

Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest

and not a moment too soon. Sure we’re still having stormy days but, in the midst of it all the clouds blow away, the sky turns blue, and it’s 60° in the shade.  Some days still feel similar to winter, but even if you’re not paying much attention, what you can’t miss in the spring are the flowers.


Thundercloud Plum

New beginnings, the land wakes up, action without reflection.

When I first came to the Olympic Peninsula there were so many plants that I was unfamiliar with.  I was barely aware of Rhodedendrons so when I saw the Madrona trees for the first time I thought I was seeing giant Rhodies! Then, with all of the beautiful forests and mountain trails to explore, I saw woodland plants that I had only previously seen in books about fairies. Where in the world had I landed?


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5 thoughts on “Tra, La, La, La…Trillium!

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  2. What a pretty flower. It seems Spring is a distinctive change and event for you. Our seasons tend to run into each other rather than changing. Happy birthday.

    1. Trilliums still captivate me after all of these years. Our maritime climate can be that way but, mild and gray most of the year. This year has felt more extreme….or maybe I ‘m just getting older!

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