So, I Got Bored With My Hedge…(Reprise) completes its first trip around the sun! This has been such an unexpected pleasure for me. Originally I just wanted a website for my garden maintenance business but, then I got bitten by the blogging bug. Read about it at my post WHAT’S MY SIGN! The learning curve was a bit long (and grueling) but now,… Continue reading So, I Got Bored With My Hedge…(Reprise)

Working the Graveyard Shift

We are now in the middle of the dog days of summer. The heliacal rising of the dog star Sirius is a signal to those in the Northern Hemisphere that the hot days of summer have arrived. Finally this southern star can be seen hovering over the horizon just before it is overcome by the light of the rising sun. Below… Continue reading Working the Graveyard Shift

Spring Loaded

Locked We have waited. Fall happened, the leaves fell and the days became dark. Then came winter with its chills and more time tucked inside. Why is it we always think of spring in the middle of winter? One nice day and everyone starts talking. The first sign of spring. Is cabin fever so bad by then… Continue reading Spring Loaded

Tra, La, La, La…Trillium!

  While tripping down a woodland lane  a whisper of spring I tried to explain. In the green shade   a flower brings its own light. After this long cold winter  a much needed sight. Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and not a moment too soon. Sure we’re still having stormy days but,… Continue reading Tra, La, La, La…Trillium!