Sleepy Summer Daze

 The forecast said it would be hot this weekend I’m keeping things well watered, but that’s it! I’ve been putting in very long work days and then spending weekends in my own yard trying to catch up on pruning and weeding. Last weekend I finished with the mulching and can now (in theory) spend the… Continue reading Sleepy Summer Daze

Something Old Blooms Something New

For years now we’ve called it the Pinwheel Tree. It’s a rhododendron that grows from a single trunk with large oblong leaves that flap in the breeze. The visual effect is like a pinwheel that, if it started to spin, could lift itself up and hover in the air. Actually, now that I think about… Continue reading Something Old Blooms Something New

Spotlight in the Garden

The weird and wonderful ways of the world flowed into Gardenkeeping’s garden this last week. I was contacted by the arts editor of the Port Townsend Leader, Chris McDaniels. He asked about setting up a time to interview me for a profile article. I initially couldn’t figure out if it was going to be about… Continue reading Spotlight in the Garden

A Fire in the Belly

Just when we thought it was safe to go outside again along comes February to remind us that winter is not done with us yet. Most of the country has been hit by some seriously cold, wintry weather. It’s hard to compare to places that are experiencing subzero temperatures but, even here on the Olympic… Continue reading A Fire in the Belly

Mirrors, Moss and Miniatures

I knew it was there and I had always meant to go. Plans were made but, mother nature intervened each time with bouts of nasty weather. One time it even snowed! I couldn’t seem to make it to Bloedel Reserve, a botanical garden on Bainbridge Island. Another time I made plans to go there for my birthday. We… Continue reading Mirrors, Moss and Miniatures

Stranger in the Night

The day is done It’s time to go inside because it’s getting dark and cold. You’ve seen how the fading light can change a garden: those flowers that cheered you up in the daytime begin to look watchful, that tree you like to sit beneath becomes animated and the path that invited you in is… Continue reading Stranger in the Night